Soft washing is simply the best, most effective, cleaning method available today to target, and kill, all the living bacterial micro-organisms that are infesting your home’s and/or business’s many exterior surfaces. Soft washing makes use of exceptionally low pressure, along with 100% organic, biodegradable, water-based cleaning formulations that clean so thoroughly, the treated surfaces become sanitized. Also, unlike a pressure washer that simply moves this bacterium around to re-grow on adjacent surfaces, soft washing kills 100% of the living bacteria that comprise the streaks, stains, blotches, and spotting that you see. And the cleaning effects of a soft cleansing washing treatment last up to 6 x longer than those achieved through pressure washing alone

This process has been around for the last 20 years, used extensively and effectively at major resorts like Disney and Universal Studios. It’s usage in residential and commercial applications is growing daily, because it is the safest, most effective cleaning method in the world today.

Depending on the surface being treated, anywhere from 3 to 5 years or longer. Any softwash treatment provides results that should last up to 4-6 times longer than just pressure washing alone.

What you are seeing around your home, and most commonly noticed on roofs, is an infestation of bacteria called “Gloeocapsa Magma”, which is a living, breeding bacterial fungal colony that was airborne until it landed, and took up residence, on the many surfaces of your property. You will notice that, left untreated, these areas grow, and for good reason—like any living thing, they are reproducing and spreading. On many surfaces, though they are unattractive and ugly (and not doing much for your “curb appeal”), they are not much more than an eyesore. But on other surfaces, most notably roofs, they can cause real damage over time because their primary food source becomes the limestone filler in your roof’s shingles…a critical part of each shingle’s structural integrity. You can move these micro-organisms around your property with a pressure washer, and retreat every 6-9 months, or you can soft wash these infected surfaces and stay worry and stain-free for up to 6 x longer. But understand, if you do not kill all of these home invaders through soft washing…the mold, mildew, lichens and other bacterial growth…they will continue to spread on adjacent surfaces. Soft washing is the most effective and affordable treatment method today to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Absolutely not! Not only are our treatment formulations 100% organic, water-based and biodegradable, we have been thoroughly trained on “best practices” for safely and effectively applying those formulations within any treatment environment. Additionally, we have products designed specifically for protecting and buffering all of your landscaping against any possible damage. Every one of our treatment options is perfectly safe for plants, people and pets.

Pressure washing uses damaging high pressure (about 10 x that of soft washing) to literally move algae, mold, mildew, bacteria, dirt and grime around within a given environment, which means these living micro-organisms will re-attach, and once again reproduce and spread. Soft washing kills 100% of these organics, stopping the problem in its tracks, while buffering every treated surface against new growth. That is why surfaces that are soft washed stay clean up to 4-6x longer than those same surfaces if only pressure washed. Also, and quite important, unlike pressure washing, nothing ever gets damaged from pressure in soft wash treatments because the pressure being used is about that of your common garden hose, or between 45 and 60psi. The average commercial pressure washer operates t 3,000 to 4,000psi.

Want a cleaner, safer, and longer-lasting exterior?